The party's rogue, Meriele enjoys sneaking around the battle field and delights in easily defeating traps.


AC: 21 Ref: 20 Will: 17 Fort: 16

HP: 54

Weilds a Poision Dagger +1 and a Subtle Dagger +2; wears leather Armour of Resistance +2 (resist 5 fire), an Amulet of Resolution +1, and an Eye of Deception +2, and carries the party’s Bag of Holding. (Yes, they actually let the rogue carry the loot. :p)


About five years before the start of the campaign, Meriele’s village was attacked by a tribe of Drow. Most of the people who survived, retreated deeper into the Feywild and withdrew from anything that seemed too dangerous. However, a small party including Meriele and her brothers, set out into the world to hunt down their attackers. Eventually, they were seperated and some of the group returned home, but Meriele was unready to end her adventures and settle down. She returned to their ruined village to meditate on her next steps, but instead came across a group of dangerous looking men and soon found herself in a tiny stone cell with no weapons and a burning pain in her neck. Not long after, she met the six companions who would become her new family.


The Seven Scions CPB