• Bastion Greymantle

    Bastion Greymantle

    Human priest of Tymora, not so bright but always ready to help out in a battle.
  • Buttercup


    Buttercup is the horse Cillian befriended on the way to the Black March.
  • Cillian Wagonsbane

    Cillian Wagonsbane

    He brakes shit and loves horses... alot.
  • Gemi


    Gemi is flamboyant and slighly annoying, but his magic can be useful in a clutch. He likes to float several inches off the ground, sending his mage hand one direction while Joo-Joo (his floating arcane eye) goes another...
  • Meriele


    The party's rogue, Meriele enjoys sneaking around the battle field and delights in easily defeating traps.
  • Jaryn


    A Son of Pelor who'd been captured by the Black Hand.
  • Lillith Thorne

    Lillith Thorne

    Powerfull witch. Mother to Rowen and daughter of Jagga. Died at the Alter of the Eighth atop the White Thorn.
  • The Eighth

    The Eighth

    The 8th scion seems to be working with the Black Hand.
  • Thuen Dendrin

    Thuen Dendrin

    Co owner of the Tree Cats in the town of Whitethorn and care taker of Whitethorn Manor.
  • Ursa Dendrin

    Ursa Dendrin

    Co owner of the Tree Cats in the town of Whitethorn. Wife to Thuen Dendrin.