The Seven Scions

The Sons of Pelor

The party at long last finds a town, but something is wrong.

After battling their way deeper into the fortress and solving a puzzle, the party managed to activate another portal. Not knowing where it might lead, they still went through, eager to be anywhere else and to advance their campaign of revenge. To their surprise, they ended up in an abandoned and destroyed temple on the outskirts of a town. Regulus left to visit the Elemental Chaos in search of more answers, little knowing he would travel with the party no more.

After battling their way out of the temple, past a gelatinous cube and into the fresh air, it became more obvious that someone had been here before them, ravaging the temple and building what looked like an army encampment nearby. Godwin found a very nice set of plate armour with a strange and ominous insignia of a black hand and decided to exchange it for his old mail; Bastion picked up a mace topped with the black hand symbol, which he also decided to keep. Then they made their way down the hill toward the town, wondering what they would find there and what sort of army belonged to the black hand.

They found a small town at a crossroads teeming with activity and all but taken over by what turned out to be a refugee camp. People were fleeing East from the nearby dessert and the mountains beyond it, but no one would say from what. The adventurers loaded up with new supplies and better weapons and then headed to the inn only to find that there were no rooms available, though some would miraculously open up for them later.

Back in the camp, the companions stepped in to stop an attack against the refugees, killing several soldiers in familiar black hand armour. That’s when the Sons of Pelor finally stepped forward to explain the situation: The Black Hand was a military organisation that had been raiding the villages and settlements to the West, moving ever closer to Arrakis. The Sons had set themselves against the Hand and about a year ago sent one of their paladins into the wilderness to search for the Black March. He disappeared a few months later and they wanted the party to go and look for him. Sensing that it would aid their quest, the companions agreed to look for Jaryn.



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