The Seven Scions

The Adventure Begins

Why were these seven chosen to bear the mark of their captor?

With a mix of combat and stealth, the party managed to make their way out of the prision. On their way out through the sewers, they discovered the horrible secret of the fortress: a mind flayer who put his victims through a grinder when he was finished with them. The party was forced to crawl through these liquid remains on their way out of the fortress and then found that the nearby river was defiled and spreading disease as it flowed past the fortress and down the mountain.

They followed the water for several hours until they encountered a funeral where the mourners looked to be on death’s doorstep themselves. Waiting respectfully until the rites were finished, the cleric made himself known and spoke to the attendent priests. He found out that a blood poision was spreading through the nearby villages because of the filth in the river that was seeping into the land. He also found out that these men had recently brought a new and very strict faith to the small farming village. Suspicious of these men and their purpose, the travelers befriended one of the mourners. He told them that some of the villagers were still going to hold the annual festival despite the priests’ ban and invited the party to join them.

At the festival, Regulus proved his skill at telling tall tales, while Keldryn outlasted a local farmboy in a feat of strength and Meriele tossed more rocks into a bucket strapped to the back of a swine than another farmer, Bastion successfully found a rat hidden in the darkest depths of the barn and Cillian proved his great strength by smashing a boulder into dust. It was an enjoyable night for everyone involved and the villagers agreed to help the party in their crusade against the mind flayer in the mountaintop fortress.



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